Location Dates
Mission June 3rd - 4th
Pacific June 17th - 18th
Mission August 26th - 27th
Mission September 9th - 10th

Race Fee (paid to Supershifters Association):
Supershifters members - $40.00 CDN per race
Non-members - $60 CDN per race

Track Fees:
Mission - $55.00 CDN per day, paid to the track.
Bremerton - $40.00 US per day, paid to the track

Membership Fee:  $75.00 CDN per year. All cars must meet Supershifter rules & NHRA safety rules.

PLEASE NOTE:  You do not have to be a member to race with the B.C. Supershifters

For more information call:  Jamie Roth (604) 785-4458